Piano Services

Whether you require a standard tuning, complete repairs, or a full-service regulation, Dale’s Piano Service will provide comprehensive, professional service for all your piano needs. We offer a standard 90-minute service or an extended two-hour service. In addition, more comprehensive services can be arranged.

Piano Tuning

For such an exquisite instrument, only the best servicing is recommended. Dale’s focus is to stabilize the piano strings when tuning a piano. This procedure ensures that the piano will remain in tune for an extended period of time. However, even an extremely stable piano will need to be retuned periodically, depending on how hard and how often it is played. Likewise, a piano that is never played will eventually go out of tune due to tension on the strings that cause them to stretch out over time. And in cases where the piano is more than 20 cents out of tune, a pitch raise might be necessary prior to tuning the piano.

Dale recommends having your piano tuned on a semi-annual or annual basis in order for your piano to play and sound its best. Your piano should sound its brightest every time your fingers rest upon its keys.

Piano Tuning in Seattle by Dale's Piano Service

Interior Cleaning

Interior Piano Cleaning in Seattle by Dale's Piano Service

Like every other piece of furniture in the house, your piano will accumulate dust and debris over time. A thorough cleaning will help to keep all parts operating smoothly while also improving the tone of the piano. Dale’s will clean your piano so it can operate in its best condition, filling your church, business, or home with sweet serenades of crisp and clear music.

Hammer Shaping & Voicing

As your piano is played, the sound produced by the hammers will change over time. It might sound muffled and dull or overly bright and tinny. Voicing helps to restore an even, full tone for every note as well as helps to deliver the widest possible dynamic range throughout the piano. Every piano is unique and has its own special voice it wants to share with you. Let Dale help your piano speak to you.

Piano Hammer Shaping & Voicing by Dale's Piano Service in Seattle

Piano Repairs

Piano Repairs in Seattle by Dale's Piano Service

Your piano has 10,000 to 14,000 parts that can wear down as the piano ages. Strings can break or lose their elasticity. Wooden hammers and flanges can crack and split. Leather, felt, and wool components can begin to compress and dry out. Metal pins can bend and corrode. In order to function properly, these parts need to be repaired and/or replaced. Dale’s mission is to restore the piano to its original conditions (or as close as possible), resulting in tonal precision, power, and overall magnificence.

Piano Regulation

Although tuning and voicing determine how well a piano sounds, regulation determines how well a piano plays. As parts settle and shift, play can become difficult and uneven. Regulation is the adjustment of the mechanical aspects of the piano to compensate for changes that occur over time and to restore proper touch and responsiveness to the piano. Dale can correct the playing inconsistencies your piano has by restoring the relationship between all the moving parts of your piano.

Piano Regulation in Seattle by Dale's Piano Service


Piano Consulting with Dale Lindeke of Dale's Piano Service in Seattle

Buying or selling a piano but not sure what it’s worth? Do you have one that needs repairs, but aren’t sure if it’s worth the cost? Thinking of buying a new piano but don’t know which is the right size or type for your family? Dale has the expertise and can provide guidance to help you make the right decision that makes both you and your wallet happy.