Dale's Piano Service Offering Piano Tuning and Repair for the Greater Seattle Area

Whether your piano is a new addition or a family heirloom, your instrument is in the best hands with Dale’s Piano Service, providing exceptional piano care throughout the Greater Seattle area.

Piano Tuning & Other Services

We offer a variety of services to meet all your piano needs, including tuning, interior cleaning, hammer shaping and voicing, repairs, regulation, and general consultation. Plus, we offer easy online scheduling. Learn more about our service offerings.

Meet Owner Dale Lindeke, RPT

Dale Lindeke, RPT, is a full-service piano tuning and repair expert. He is a Registered Piano Technician and a member of the Piano Technicians Guild (PTG), a national organization dedicated to improving and preserving the craft of piano maintenance. Dale proudly serves the Greater Seattle area, all of King County, and parts of Pierce and Snohomish counties. Schedule an appointment online, send Dale an email, or give him a call at (206) 300-8732. Learn more about Dale.

Answers to Your Piano-Related Questions

Your piano is a cherished piece of art. It is also a complex, sophisticated, and delicate technical instrument. We work on all types of pianos—from spinets, consoles, studios, and full uprights to baby, studio, parlor, and concert grands. Regardless of the type of piano, Dale will keep it sounding beautiful by tuning and servicing it with diligence, thoughtfulness, and personalized attention. Learn more about piano care in our FAQ.