Founder and Owner Dale Lindeke, RPT, is a highly qualified piano technician, readily available to service your beloved instrument. Whether you’ve recently purchased a piano or have one that’s been in your family or organization for generations, Dale’s commitment to you is to provide quality service at a reasonable cost to help preserve and/or improve the condition of your treasured piece of art.

Dale is a member of the Piano Technicians Guild, a national organization dedicated to improving and preserving the craft of piano maintenance. As a Registered Piano Technician (RPT), he has passed a series of rigorous examinations on the maintenance, repair, and tuning of pianos.

In addition, Dale continues to develop his skills through advanced education programs as well as workshops and seminars sponsored by the Piano Technicians Guild.

But that’s his professional life. He’s going to be in your home, church, or business, so here’s a little about Dale personally, including how he fell in love with music.

As a lifelong resident of Burien, Wash., Dale started taking piano lessons at age 7. In school, he also learned to play the trumpet and French horn. After graduating, Dale began teaching ballroom dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Seattle and eventually became the Dance Director.

It was there on the dance floor that Dale met the love of his life, Suzy Van Hout, whose family had moved to Des Moines in 1962. After Dale and Suzy’s children were born, they started attending church in Des Moines and became very involved in the music ministry. Dale played piano and synthesizer; Suzy played flute, keyboard, and percussion; and together, they created a passion for music that eventually led to Dale’s current career as a Piano Technician.

Today, Dale and Suzy continue to enjoy playing music with friends and family, teaching Ballroom/Latin and going out dancing, and spending time with their kids and grandkids.

In fact, Dale is a big fan of children, and he won’t mind them watching and following along while he works on your piano. And pets are never a problem. Dale loves animals of all kinds, and has never met a house cat that he didn’t like. (Dale and Suzy have had many cats of their own through the years.)

Approachable, honest, and skilled—these are the keys to Dale’s success. And it’s what will keep him servicing your piano year after year.

Dale's Piano Service Founder and Owner Dale Lindeke, RPT
Dale's Piano Service Founder and Owner Dale Lindeke, RPT
Dale and Suzy Lindeke
Dale and Suzy Lindeke, Ballroom Dancing Enthusiasts and Teachers